Plumstead Common Benefice, The Ascension and Saint Mark with Saint Margaret

The two parishes combined in one United Benefice belong to the Church of England, which declares itself to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, worshipping the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It professes the faith uniquely revealed in the holy scriptures and set forth in the catholic creeds, which faith the Church is called upon to proclaim afresh in each generation.

For the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation (Confession), Marriage, please contact the Vicar.

Upcoming Services

Our main weekly act of worship is at 10am on Sundays, Parish Eucharist / Mass in each church. There is also a Said Mass at 8am on Sundays at The Ascension.

Weekday services are normally:

Tuesdays   10am
Mass at The Ascension
Wednesdays   10am
Mass at  The Ascension
Thursdays   7pm
Eucharist at St Mark with St Margaret
Fridays   8am
Mass at The Ascension
Saturdays   10am
Mass at The Ascension

Additional and special services are as follows:

No events found